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Smart Heating Systems

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Smart Heating from Honeywell

Smart heating is the latest development within the heating industry that allows you to control the temperature of your home directly from your smartphone or tablet.

One of its plus points is that it makes the control of your heating much simpler, and it can be done from anywhere inside your home, with most systems offering individual room control. A key feature in the Internet of Things, smart heating is a part of more things in our homes becoming connected to the internet, and it’s something that’s available now.

As technology continues to advance, the place we live will truly become ‘smart’, creating a whole new way of living. While it may seem futuristic, it’s something that is set to be part of every home in the future, and can even help you save money on your bills.

Benefits of smart heating systems

Smart heating installation allows you to keep track of your energy usage easily, allowing you to monitor and manage your costs. With the system centred around your smartphone, you are in immediate control of your heating schedule, and can change a room’s temperature with just a few taps.

Having smart heating also eliminates the need to submit metre readings as your smart system will send these to your provider automatically. Having more control over your heating is a sure-fire way to help lower your energy bills, also allowing you to leave the heating off when you’re out, and manually turn it on just before you get back home.


There are several different options to choose from when it comes to smart heating, and the number of options is set to continue increasing as smart technology improves. One example of a smart heating system is Honeywell’s Evohome, which is a wireless heating system that can control individual radiators and can be operated via a central console or an app. There is also Nest, which is a thermostat that has the ability to learn; over a couple of weeks, it learns your heating habits and remembers the patterns. It also has a 150-degree sensor to help it detect if anyone is home.

Smart heating Installation

If you have a boiler and central heating system, you should be able to have any of the smart heating systems on the market fitted. They can be added to most homes in the UK, as they typically have single boilers, with some of the smart thermostats having even been adapted to also work with electric heaters.

This means that even the installation is straight-forward as it works with your existing boiler, and setting up the apps attached to the system is equally as easy. The systems typically come with online guides so getting to grips with the new set-up will not be a daunting task. Being already familiar with your smartphone will help in the changeover to smart heating, and you’ll be saving money in no time.

Having smart heating will make your home future-proof; by doing this now, you are equipped for the technological advancements of the future. Here at Heatcraft, we’re excited to see the growth of smart heating in Manchester, and the changes it will bring to the boiler and heating industry.

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